A Warrant For My Arrest

County Public Records

A Warrant For My Arrest

County search warrant databases contain public records that may not have been discovered until now. Many counties maintain their own web site databases through which pubic county records can be accessed. With public record searches, finding county court listings is easier than ever. You can even do this with Franklin County public records.

An arrest warrant is a written order issued by authority of the state and commanding the seizure of the person named. This is also true for Orange County public records, as it pertains to active arrest warrants.

County arrest warrants are based on a verified complaint that alleges probable cause that the someone committed a crime. It is issued according to the formalities required by the court. The warrant must describe the offense being charged. The defendant must be able to be identified with reasonable certainty. The active arrest warrant must specify that the defendant will be arrested and brought before a judge. This is where the county criminal records comes in to play.

There are online services that allow you to search public arrest records. All you need to do is turn on your computer and run an online background check or outstanding arrest warrant search with someone's name. In an effort to further improve their system, Florida County uses actual images of all public vital records, including birth certificates and death certificates. Perhaps more importantly, you can find all public county records and other hard to access information sources, including county marriage licenses and public divorce records. There is no need to guess, do a county criminal database check and find out today if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest.